City Model and Talent acknowledges that it takes an extraordinary amount of dedication and determination to make it into the Fashion and Entertainment industry.   To further our clients exposure, we organize Fashion Shows during fashion week to provide our clientele with the experiences of a runway show.  Our models who are chosen to be in our Fashion Show work with makeup artists, hair stylists, runway coaches, fashion designers, and photographers.  The strength and brand of our Fashion Shows have become so successful that we collaborated with charities such as The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (aka LLS) and R.E.T (sponsored by Diane Von Furstenburg) to raise money for their awareness.

The creative team at City Model and Talent creates experiences with style and sophistication that speak to a vast audience.  

Our event services include:

    * fashion shows
    * exclusive parties
    * modeling workshops
    * product launches for up and coming fashion designers
    * promotional events

In 2011 we have teamed up with a PR firm to expand our fashion show services.  In lieu of this we now have media (editors) such as Harpers Baazar, LI Press, NY Magazine, In Style and, US Weekly, Black Tie Magazine, Lucky Magazine to name a few attending our events.  


Samina Mughal After Party Event NYFW 2012

Leanne Marshall Fashion Show (project runway winner) NYFW 2012

EMERGE! Fashion Show 021412 (Vogue and DVF) NYFW 2012

Dramatic Fanatic Fashion Show 2011

SPF 2012 Swimwear Passion For Fashion - Plitzs Magazine

The Pink Fashion Show

Designer Gwen Beloti NJFW October 2011

Pink Fashion Show

Fighting Leukemia With Fashion | June 2011

Lord And Taylor's Girl's Night Out Fashion Show | July 2010 

Fighting Leukemia With Fashion | June 2010 

April Marin Fashion Show | July 2009 

Fighting Leukemia with Fashion | June 2009 

Hotel QT Fashion Show | February 2007 

Bed Fashion Show | March 2006 

Stereo Fashion Show | February 2006 

Cellar Bar Fashion Show | February 2006 

QUO Fashion Show | December 2005 

QUO Fashion Show | October 2005 

QUO Fashion Show After Party | October 2005