Hotel QT Fashion Show - 2.2007 (during NY fashion week)
Designers: 503Lab, RDCloting, Greedy Genious, Le Tigre,
Samina Mughal, Valery, Jennifer Taves, KahriAnne Kerr
Models: City Model and Talent
Performers: The Muckrakers

Bed Fashion Show - 3.2006
Designers: LULU, Necessary Objects
Models: City Model and Talent

Stereo Fashion Show - 2.2006
Designers: Valery, Romane, Alisha Trimble,
Ye$ Laboratories, Lone Star Jeans
Model: City Model and Talent

Gwen Beloti - 10.2011

Designer: Gwen Beloti NJFW

Models: Bianca Bernard and Elizabeth Dugas

Bryant Park Fashion Show - 2.2006 (during NY fashion week)
Designers: Romane, Alisha Trimble, Ye$ Laboratories
Model: City Model and Talent
Performers: Q-Tip

Winter Unicorns Fashion Show - 12.2005
Designers: David LaCross, Ye$ Laboratories, Alisha Trimble,
Lydia Crash, Piece Boutique, Kayo Anime
Models: City Model and Talent

QUO Fashion Show - 12.2005
Designers: Valery, Romane, Alisha Trimble
Model: City Model and Talent
Aerosmith on Camera Promo
Alisha Trimble Photo Shoot - Winter Collection
Altria/Voir Dire - '07
AXE - Boost Shower Gel
Belvada Mascara
Belvedere Vodka
BUFF - Workout Series
Cherish Life Entertainment Fashion Show
Chocolate Fashion Event - 11/06
Chrysler NY Auto Show
Class Ring Council - 1/07
Conde Nast
Diane Von Furstenberg / R.E.T event
Dominoes "Anything Goes" Sweepstakes
Faruk Fashions
Fany Show Market

Gina Valesco Fashion Show
gotcha Girl - Showtime
Health & Fitness Expo
Intermezzo Fashion Show - '06
JOICA NY/PA Beauty Hair Show
Jolt Energy Drink
Kaboost Marketing Campaign
L'Oreal - Edgy Models
Linens n' Things
March of Dimes Charity Event Fashion Show
Mira Juice
NY Rangers with Spike TV
Nickelodeon - Spongebob/Dora the Explora Costume Promotions
Nitelife Productions Hip-Hop Video
Nokia "Tuxedo"
NY Knicks Live Event - '06
Oreck Vacuum
Outrageous - Funky Pumpkin Kids Karaoke
Panasonic In-Store Video

Pediatric Aids Fashion Show
Persian Parade - '07
Roca Wear
Round Card Models - '06
Sheet Mask - DJamee Management - '06
Signature (shoe event)
spike TV / Best Buy Promo
Stotz Toys
Spike TV / T-Mobile Promotion
The "N" Network / Panasonic - '06
United Nations globe's Climate Campaign
Wella - Color Style with the Doves
Well and Vidal Sasson Hair Show
Wella Italy Presentation
Wella Sweden
Yamma Fighting League - Dany Roth