30 Rock (NBC)
140th & Lenox
Being 21
Checkmate (MTV)
Cube Fabulous
Dave Chapelle Show
DAS Insurance
Defenders of Wildlife
Dora the Explorer
E-Harmony / Spike TV
General Motors
Gossip Girl (CW)
History Channel/Citizenship Re-Instated
I See God (MTV)
Judy Taylor (Armand Assante Movie)
Law and Order Crminial Intent
Living it Up with Ali & Jack (CBS)
Lawnmower PSA
Love Mokney
Maury Povich (ABC)
Michael Carson Productions
Miracle Boys (MTV)
Myspace Non-Union PSA
National Geographic
Office Kel
Paladino Casting (Marsha Gaye Harding Movie)
Parenting Countdown
Pod Opera
Polly Pocket
Royalty Free Stock Photo
Royal Pains - USA network (pilot)
Steve Harvey show
US Department of Justice
Rescue Me
Tony Danza Show
Sesame Street
Sex and the City (HBO)
Six Flags
Spike TV Video Game Awards
Six Degrees
Spongebob - Pest of the West
Sopranos (HBO)
The 5th Wheel
The Backyardigans (Nick Jr)
The Laughlines Show
The Mastersons of Manhattan (NBC)
The Naked Brothers Band
The Onion News Network
Tina Faye Show
Tyra Banks Show
Ugly Betty (ABC)
Voom TV
What Would You Do? (ABC)
Yankees Launch
Yo Mama (MTV)
What Not to Wear (TLC)
Who Wants to be a Millionaire (ABC)