Am I Evil
Amanda & Zack Attack
Angel (starring Rachel Griffith)
August Rush (starring Robin Williams)
Batman 2
Beautiful Ohio (starring Rita Wilson)
Brains & Beauty
Brooklyn to Manhattan

Brooklyn Is In Love
Calling Catherine
Channeling Cesaire
Christmas Day
City Teachers
Dead Girl's Club
Dear Old Stockholm
Dirty Laundry
Don't Worry, Be Happy
Dr. Beelzeberg
Duplicity (starring Julia Roberts)
Ear Bomb
End of the Line
Entre Nos
Ex (starring Uma Thurman)
Fast Lane
Feliz Navidad
Flat Love
Flight of the Ecuadorian Red
Follow Your Heart
Frank & Alice
Funny Games
Go Fish
Going Home
Goodbye Love
Griimjaw's Little Christmas
Have Mercy
Hermit Crab
Honesty and other Lies
I am Fashion
I, Claude

I Don't Know How She Does It w/ Sarah Jessica Parker

Interpreter (starring Nicole Kidman)
Iron Triangle
I Don't Know How She Does it
Jack & Time
John & Mary
Killer Abs
Kindz of the King
La Vida Es Sueno
Late Autumn
Lifein Flight
Little Children (starring Kate Winslet)
Little Kate (starring Catherine Ztea-Jones)
Lords of Evil
Loverboy (director - Kevin Bacon)
Lucia's Automation
Margaret (starring Matt Damon)
Memories of Overdevelopment
Men in Black 3 w/ Will Smith
Mending Fences
Mona Lisa's Obsession
More Abandon
My Brother's Keeper
My Letter in Scarlet
Natale New York
Notorious BIG
On2 and Inside the Hood
On2 with Loutrix Records
Outpost Knightsbridge
Port Huron Project
Prime of your Life (SAG Indie Film)
Rehabilitation Center
Sane & Competent
Say Anything (spoof)
Seagal Sunday
Sean & Steve
Sex in the 60's Gracie
Shattered Glory
She's Got It
Short Cuts

Snow Job
South of the Moon
Spiderman 3 (starring Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco)
Storm Film - Snap Films
Surprise, Surprise
Team Facelift
The 9th Circle (starring Kayla Lian, Mike Giannelli, Christine Evangelista)
The Argument
The Bottle of Chateaux Maragaux
The Dollarmaker
The Follower
The Goal (Spike Lee Movie)
The Great New Wonderful
The Grunch that Stole Kwanza
The List
The Long Road to Nowhere
The Maltese Murder Mystery
The Mercenaries
The Miller House
The Ministers
The Ninth Circle
The Other Kind of Balance
The Perfect Rendezvous
The Pool
The Puzzle
The Red Room
The Roommate
The Stepford Wives (starring Nicole Kidman, Matthew Broderick, Bette Midler)
The Story of Peter Marlow
The Wicked My Destiny
Then She Found Me (starring Helen Hunt, Bette Midler, Colin Firth)
Under the Pale Moon
When Harry Tries to Marry (starring Rahul Rai)
Where the Wild Things Are (starring Max Records, Pepita Emmerichs, Max Pfeifer)
White Bozo Deer Hunter
Why (Indi Film)
Winning Season (starring Ema Roberts & Sam Rockwell)
Women in Revolt
Your Money or Your Life